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2010 Vermont 6 Gaps: Into the Dark (Juy 3, 2010)

The 6 Gaps of Vermont is a many faceted challenge for bicyclists. For the really strong riders, it can be a challenge of speed, endurance, and competitiveness. For others - including Jill and me - it takes on a different challenge. One of physical endurance. Having done the ride several times, it is more about the physical endurance and perseverance.

The ride is named for the 6 gaps the riders climb in a single 132 mile outing. Those Gaps are Brandon, Middlebury, Lincoln, Appalachia, Roxbury, and Rochester. A small climb called Granville Gulf is really more of warm-up for Lincoln than anything else. Total vertical climbing is estimated at 13,000 - 14,000 ft with some grades approaching 24% (Lincoln Gap).

Unpaved sections, switchback descents, and weather make the ride slightly more challenging. If you blow it on the descent, your bike could end up in a tree.