Vermont 6 Gaps Bicycle Ride
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The 6 Gaps of Vermont is a many faceted challenge for bicyclists. For the really strong riders, it can be a challenge of speed, endurance, and competitiveness. For others - including Jill, Brooke, and me - it takes on a different challenge. One of physical and emotional endurance.

The ride is named for the 6 gaps the riders climb in a single 132 mile outing. Those Gaps are Brandon, Middlebury, Lincoln, Appalacha, Roxbury, and Rochester. A small climb called Granville Gulf is reall more of warm-up for Lincoln than anything else. Total vertical climbing is estimated at 13,000 - 14,000 ft with ome grades approaching 24% (Lincoln Gap).

Unpaved sections, switchback descents, and weather make the ride slightly more challenging. If you blow it on the descent, your bike could end up in a tree.

The first ride of 2009 took place on Memorial Day Saturday (May 23rd). There are other rides through the summer too. If you are interested in this challenge, click on the link above.

Good Luck!