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Pedaling with Grizzlies - Fairbanks to Vancouver (6/1 - 7/6, 2005)
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Ian Thumlert
Eduardo Miles
Ray King
Paul Windrath
Dale Hoddman
Clyde Slade

Updated: 7/06/05 - First Day (June 1) or Last Day (July 5)

The Bicycling with Grizzlies Tour took us from Fairbanks (Alaska) to Vancouver (British Columbia). We rode approximately 2,150 miles in 35 days - only 2 rest days. The ride was tougher physically than we expected - 4 of us were self-contained and 4 were supported by a vehicle and a trailer donated by Featherlite Trailers (Elko, Minnesota, USA). There was significantly more climbing than would have been expected if you read The Milepost. Most of the highways are up and down throughout each day's ride. Unexpected was the prevailing wind direction which was almost always from south to north or east to west. Heaviest winds were blowing from Whitehorse towards Fairbanks and Cache Creek towards Prince George.

We have finished the Bicycling with Grizzlies Tour and head our separate ways (sniff, sob, sigh).

Our group is:

Ray King -
Home in Prince George (British Columbia) or visiting his mother.
Mike Christenson -
Home in Fallbrook or in northern California or the Oregon coastline
Eduardo Miles -
Home in Mexico City or competing in the Senior Games in Utah
Dale Hoffmann -
Home in Honolulu or visiting his daughter in New Hampshire
Dieter Krank -
Home in Munich or considering a ride with Eduardo or Ian
Helena Kristensen -
Home in Denmark or planning a Scandanavian tour
Paul Windrath -
Home in Minnesota or trying to convince his wife to travel full time
Ian Thumlert -
Home in Lethbridge (Alberta) or planning the Americas tour

You can review the trip three ways:

a) From Day 1 (June 1, 2005) thru Day 35 (July 5, 2005) - Daily description, pictures, overnight info
b) By section of the trip as follows:
- Alaskan Highway (Fairbanks, Alaska - Junction 37 (Watson Lake): Days 1 - Day 14
- Cassiar Highway (Junction 37 - Watson Lake - to Kitwanga, BC): Day 15 - Day 21
- Yellowhead Highway (Kitwanga (BC) to Prince George (BC): Day 22 - Day 27
- Highway 97 (Prince George (BC) to Hat Creek (BC): Day 28 - Day 31
- Highway 99 (Duffey Lake and Sea to Sky Highway): Day 31 - Day 35
c) Contact any of the riders via e-mail (riders or riders-2) or contact Paul Windrath